Multicraft 1.16 Release

Minecraft: The Nether Update has now been released, and is available on our server control panel to use! Since 1.16 is a major version update, servers using out "AUTO UPDATING" options have been set to stay on 1.15.2. To update to 1.16, just select the "AUTO UPDATING" version again, or the specific 1.16 version (we highly recommend taking a ... Read More »

23rd Jun 2020

If you are looking to host nukkit we will need to apply some changes to the port the machines are ran on, we are looking into automating this process but for now please contact support via discord or ticket for us to apply these changes!

7th Jun 2020
SlimeServers Update

SlimeServers Updates

+ Added new Snapshot to the panel for everyone to try

+ Moved panel Fixing loading issues and bugs in the old system "old link will redirect you to the new panel C: New panel -

25th Feb 2020